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Why You Should be Keeping Your Business’s Windows Clean

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Posted by ServiceMaster | July 19th, 2019 | Categories : Janitorial

Most business owners understand the importance of a clean office inside, but many overlook cleaning the exterior of their business. It is important to regularly clean your windows to prevent damage and extend their life, as well as improve office morale. The janitorial experts at ServiceMaster Twin Cities share some of their top reasons commercial window washing is beneficial:


Preventative Care

Presenting a clean appearance is important to successful businesses, it’s important to clean your windows often to prevent any permanent damage. Windows that are cleaned regularly are less likely to experience etching or excessive corrosion, which could eventually cause the window panes to weaken or shatter.


Curb Appeal

If customers or clients come to your office, their first impression is usually the way the exterior of your building looks. Prioritizing a clean storefront includes windows and the exterior itself. Another way to boost curb appeal is to have your business pressure washed to remove any buildup and make the paint look fresh and new.


Increase Productivity

Summer is full of fun activities and holidays, but sometimes that can decrease employee productivity. According to Psychology Today, there is a strong relationship between workplace daylight exposure and employees’ sleep, activity and quality of life. Clean windows will let more sunlight in, increasing productivity and positivity around the office.


Harsh Weather

Here in Arkansas, we experience both extremes in weather – hot, summer days and cold, snowy winters. Things like dirt, debris and salt build up over time which if left unchecked can leave permanent scratches and damage on your windows, leading to costly repairs. Scratches and etching in the glass will begin to weaken it, increasing the shatter risk.

If you’re ready to take advantage of professional window cleaning services, give the commercial janitorial staff here at ServiceMaster Twin Cities a call at (501) 712-2249. We have provided office cleaning services in the Little Rock, Arkansas area for almost 30 years. Contact us to schedule your next deep window cleaning services.


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