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Why Trust ServiceMaster Twin Cities with Your Disinfection Services?

Posted by ServiceMaster | January 21st, 2021 | Categories : Disinfection

Disinfection is a process more extensive than traditional cleaning. While cleaning entails removing dirt and germs from surfaces, disinfecting involves killing off bacteria that could spread viruses and diseases.

We at ServiceMaster Twin Cities are here to help you with your disinfection needs. We offer the SaniMaster service, a standard for disinfection for all commercial properties. Our team will clean off even the toughest surfaces to ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and other visitors.

General Services Available

Our experts at ServiceMaster Twin Cities provide many helpful services through the SaniMaster standard. You can trust us with many of these factors to manage whatever worries you might hold:

  • We use top-quality disinfectants that can kill various bacteria and viruses.
  • Our administration efforts ensure all disinfectants are applied cleanly and safely.
  • We also provide the Goldshield antimicrobial barrier on select surfaces. The Goldshield standard provides a barrier that prevents bacteria, mold, and other particles from gathering for up to ninety days.
  • Air filtration services are also available for your convenience. We use air filters to collect and clear out germs that might become exposed during the disinfecting process.

Customized Services Available

Every business or commercial space has unique cleaning needs. Some places are manufacturing sites that require extensive disinfection of common areas for work. Other sites are spots where customers regularly enter and feature high-contact spaces people interact with throughout the day. Our team at ServiceMaster Twin Cities will adjust the SaniMaster service for whatever you need.

Protection Is Necessary

The most significant worry surrounding any public property is that it doesn’t take much for germs to spread. The recent pandemic has further emphasized the need for disinfection and thorough cleaning of various properties. Our SaniMaster service experts can utilize the best cleaning items that ensure all items are kept clean and safe.

Our disinfection services at ServiceMaster can clear out a variety of bacteria in your facility. We use EPA-registered products that have proven equivalency to control SARs-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Our treatments ensure even the most dangerous and easy-to-spread bacteria and germs will be killed off of your surfaces before they can threaten anyone.

Our work at ServiceMaster Twin Cities is all about ensuring your property stays clean and safe. Contact our disinfection team today to receive a quote.

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