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Urgent Care Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips

Posted by ServiceMaster | October 23rd, 2020 | Categories : Healthcare Cleaning

Healthcare centers are one of the most common places where viruses are most likely to exist as there are patients with different diseases, and visitors may also carry germs with them. Healthcare facility cleaning is essential for every healthcare center for the safety of patients, visitors, doctors, and staff. To keep the patients and workers safe, every urgent care center must carry out effective cleaning and disinfecting.

You can conduct this with the help of the workers in the center or by hiring commercial cleaning services like ServiceMaster Twin Cities. With the emergence of COVID-19, it’s more than essential to clean and disinfect healthcare facilities regularly. Mentioned below are a few urgent care cleaning and disinfecting tips that may help you achieve the perfect cleanout and keep you and others around you safe.

Healthcare Facility Cleaning Training

Just like you would receive training for any job, healthcare facility cleaning also requires training. Not every urgent care center offers this training, but in this way, your staff will know where and how to clean and disinfect. It is also important if your facility is treating patients affected by the COVID-19 or even other viruses that are contagious. Training helps improve the efficiency and quality of cleaning and disinfecting at the facility. ServiceMaster Twin Cities ensures that all their workers involved in the cleaning process receive proper training.

Managing Waste

Disposing of waste from laboratories is one of the most crucial tasks. Your facility should have a set of guidelines on handling different types of waste, especially those containing human deposits and toxins. Workers have to manage the waste disposal safely so it doesn’t contaminate the facility. Each sanitary worker must wear protective attire to keep them safe and must instantly take it off once they’ve completed their job.

Bathroom Cleanse

Bathrooms are one of the most critical areas that require effective cleaning when it comes to healthcare facility cleaning. Since different patients will use bathrooms, staff must use a good detergent and nylon brush to clean toilets. They must remember not to directly clean the toilet with a disinfectant as this deteriorates its cleaning properties. Workers should refrain from mixing bleach and acid when cleaning toilets, as this leaves a strong and unpleasant smell, making it hard for some people to breathe.

Regularly Clean Hard Surfaces

The healthcare facilities must ensure to clean and disinfect the high-touch surfaces to prevent the spread of germs. Such surfaces have millions of microorganisms that may put patients and workers at health risk, especially in the current COVID19 outbreak. Hence, workers must keep disinfecting countertops and sitting areas to prevent viruses or bacteria from spreading.

With these few urgent care cleaning and disinfecting tips, you can carry out effective healthcare facility cleaning and protect the patients and workers around the facility. If you require commercial cleaning services for your urgent care center, contact ServiceMaster Twin Cities. They offer the best COVID19 disinfecting services and other cleaning services as well.

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