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Top 5 Maintenance Tips to Improve Your Health Facility’s HCAHPS Scores

Healthcare facility cleaning in Little Rock, AR

Posted by ideadev | October 12th, 2017 | Categories : Healthcare Cleaning

You can actively boost your health facility’s HCAHPS scores by creating a beneficial building maintenance plan. While learning how to develop a facility maintenance plan, take the five following areas into consideration.

When it comes to measuring the success of your hospital in Little Rock, AR, the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, or HCAHPS, provides valuable insight about the operating conditions and other contributing factors. When you send the HCAHPS surveys to patients after discharge, your facility obtains the data needed to enact changes in the future.

The resulting scores reveal just how well the support tactics and maintenance techniques work to improve your patient outcomes and experience. If your HCAHPS scores need a boost, you can have your commercial cleaning company focus on the five following maintenance techniques to improve your patient experiences and elicit positive survey responses.

1. Thoroughly Sanitize All Surfaces Between Patients

To ensure your patients avoid hospital-acquired infections, and perceive the environment as clean and healthy, your cleaning team must thoroughly sanitize all surfaces between patients. Infection prevention relies on the thorough cleaning and disinfection of the care area utilized for each patient. All bedrails, doorknobs, and medical equipment require a complete wipe down using bleach-based cleaning products and fast-wicking scrubbing materials.

2. Create and Maintain a Strict Bathroom Cleaning Schedule

The HCAHPS survey asks about bathroom cleanliness, in particular, to assess the patient’s perception about the upkeep of that space. All patient bathrooms should receive a visit at least once a day with additional cleans ordered whenever a situation calls for janitorial attention. The cleaning team should work from top to bottom while tidying up this space and pay close attention to the process of disinfecting and drying the floors.

3. Clear All Clutter from Nurse and Doctor Work Areas

When working in a cluttered space, doctors and nurses may fail to meet the patient’s care expectations. To mitigate this situation, paperwork, supplies, and other important items should always end up back in their dedicated spaces. Cutting the clutter will allow doctors and nurses to respond promptly to the call button, listen to concerns, provide educational materials, and control pain levels with appropriate treatments.

4. Keep Nighttime Cleaning Activities to a Minimum

Since patient rest directly contributes to the rate of healing, interruptions must be kept to the bare minimum throughout the night. Due to its importance, this aspect of care is explored in the HCAHPS patient surveys. To minimize sleep interruption, your cleaning team should only visit patient rooms when absolutely necessary throughout the night. Otherwise, all cleaning activities should be limited to the daytime hours.

5. Ensure All Patient Rooms Receive Daytime Cleaning Visits

Daytime cleaning visits for patient rooms is incredibly important to maintain cleanliness levels expected by the patients and their visitors. The cleaning team should dedicate enough time to clean and disinfect all surfaces used throughout the care process, including the sink, countertops, and bedside table. During every visit to the room, janitorial experts should empty the wastebaskets and linen hampers to ensure the area remains looking and smelling fresh.

Learning How to Develop a Facility Maintenance Plan

Your facility maintenance plan plays a vital role in the overall perception of your hospital environment. To acquire expert services from a commercial cleaning company, contact our team at ServiceMaster Twin Cities by calling 877-461-1774. We will teach you how to develop a facility maintenance plan that will likely boost your HCAHPS scores across the board.

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