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The Top 5 Building Maintenance Concerns for Financial Institutions

Posted by ideadev | August 24th, 2017 | Categories : Commercial Cleaning

Learn all about crucial maintenance and cleaning objectives for banks and credit unions from the experts.

People want to feel confident about depositing their hard-earned money in Little Rock financial institutions. Well-maintained buildings and equipment help a bank gain credibility in the eyes of potential customers. Proper upkeep also maximizes security and safeguards the health of employees. A commercial cleaning company for banks can help Arkansas institutions address these top maintenance priorities:

1. Glass Surfaces

Many banks have multiple windows along the street as well as large drive-up teller windows. Transparent bandit barriers protect customer service personnel inside of the building. When financial institutions clean glass regularly and quickly repair any cracks, it greatly improves the appearance of these surfaces. This also facilitates better employee-customer communication because both parties can see each other clearly.

2. Automated Teller Machines

An ATM has numerous buttons and slots, making it relatively difficult to clean. Nonetheless, this task proves vital. A lack of cleanliness increases the likelihood of malfunction and discourages people from using a machine. Grimy keypads frequently provide a home for mold and food-related bacteria, according to WebMD. Cleaning eliminates germs and creates an opportunity to check for mechanical problems or signs of tampering.

3. Secure Compartments

Individuals need considerable expertise to properly clean vaults and safe-deposit boxes, so it is best to use a specialized commercial cleaning contractor that caters to banks. Periodic metal cleaning prevents rust from materializing. Workers should thoroughly sanitize safe-deposit boxes after customers turn in the keys.

4. Roof Maintenance

A financial institution cannot reliably protect valuable assets or equipment if vital structural components fall into disrepair. Banks often use sturdy older buildings with brick walls and tile floors. However, the roofing materials are more susceptible to deterioration. Many depositories and other commercial facilities in Arkansas have flat roofs, increasing the risk of water leaks. When you have a facility maintenance team, they will be able to notify you if it looks like any leaks or problems have arisen.

5. Office Upkeep

These institutions must regularly maintain and clean the equipment in staff-only areas. It is crucial for employees to be able to establish new accounts, set up loans and print financial documents at any time. Heavy dust accumulations can cause computers or printers to malfunction. Grimy equipment also triggers worker illnesses. A 2012 study found that computer keyboards and break room appliances tend to harbor the most germs, according to CBS News.

It is wise to take a proactive approach. Rather than wait for serious problems to develop, institutions should set up regular maintenance, cleaning and inspection schedules. See our website for further tips on how to develop a facility maintenance plan.

ServiceMaster Twin Cities has over two decades of commercial janitorial experience in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our cleaning personnel know how to meet banks’ specific needs and follow their security procedures. Please contact us online or call 877-461-1774 to learn more.

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