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The #1 Way to Care for Your Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Posted by ideadev | May 31st, 2017 | Categories : Floor Cleaning

Our #1 tip? Regular care! 

With the right approach to upkeep, it is possible to prevent premature wear and damage to luxury vinyl flooring. In fact, you can keep this material in excellent condition for years to come by performing daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks on a strict schedule.

Unlike wood or stone, vinyl flooring usually does not receive the care and attention it needs to remain in optimal condition throughout the years. Without regular upkeep, luxury vinyl tends to fall apart prematurely and lose its fantastic luster. You can actually keep your vinyl looking as good as, if not better than, any other high-end flooring materials by performing daily and weekly care tasks. Learn how to clean vinyl floors and perform restoration tasks to ensure this material lives far beyond its expected lifespan.

General Care Tips

The level of care the luxury vinyl needs is dependent on how much traffic it gets or how much soil is tracked in. Very low traffic areas may only need to be vacuumed and mopped weekly, but high traffic areas will typically need to be vacuumed and mopped daily.

Luxury vinyl with deep grooves occasionally will need to be scrubbed with a nonabrasive pad to remove dirt that mopping alone will not remove. This could be a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual service performed by a cleaning service for businesses.

Daily Vinyl Care

For larger offices, we recommend daily cleaning; when your office has lots of traffic, this is standard. Fully vacuuming and mopping daily are necessary and keep your office looking sharp for your customers.

Sweeping and mopping up spills right away is the single most important part of keeping luxury vinyl in excellent shape. By keeping abrasive or caustic substances away from the floor’s finish, you give the material a better chance of retaining its luster for the long-term. If you accidently miss a spot and it turns into a stain, you can gently treat the area with a cleanser made from one part bleach to 10 parts water.

Weekly Floor Upkeep

For smaller offices, we recommend daily spot cleaning, but we also recommend fully vacuuming and mopping at least once a week.

On a weekly basis, make sure to clean the luxury vinyl surface from end to end using a vacuum without a beater bar. You should remove all lingering dust and debris before attempting to wet mop the floor. You can use a neutral floor cleaner and plain water to thoroughly mop the surface with a microfiber mop. If you notice an excessive amount of debris on the floor, consider placing thick mats at the doorways to grab dirt and debris off of shoes before each person enters the building so that your weekly cleaning job is kept to a minimum.

Preventing Damage to Your Vinyl Floor

A key element of caring for your floor is protecting it from damage. One thing that we notice often causes damage to your floor is your furniture. We recommend replacing rolling chair castors with ones made for hard surface floors; furniture that is often moved around needs to have glides for hard surfaces.

Acquiring Cleaning Services for Businesses in Arkansas

Tackle the luxury vinyl flooring upkeep process by starting with the daily cleaning tasks right away. If you want assistance with how to clean vinyl floors the right way, contact ServiceMaster Twin Cities at 877-461-1774 for cleaning services for businesses. You will receive a thorough consultation that reveals all the areas in your workplace in need of cleaning and upkeep services. Once you create a strict cleaning schedule, your workplace will start to look as good as new each and every day.

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