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Summer Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Posted by ServiceMaster | July 28th, 2021 | Categories : Commercial Cleaning

Summer is the best time to deep clean your office. With less hustle and bustle in the summer months, it is the perfect time to perform any necessary cleaning to your commercial property.

Utilize the professional commercial cleaning services by ServiceMaster Twin Cities, and you can be sure that every pathogen is sanitized, dirt and debris are eliminated, and your facility is restored to its best state.

There’s plenty of cleaning tasks you can complete to get the best out of your slow months and get ahead of your maintenance list. Let’s take a look at what areas you should address around your facility this season:

Focus On Floor Cleaning

The floors of your office building experience the most wear and tear throughout the year. This leads to an accumulation of dust, dirt, and debris on floors which creates a mess and an unsightly appearance.

To get rid of all the contaminants from your flooring, you need a thorough floor cleaning.

All hard surface floors should be washed at least once a year. If you don’t have qualified in-house staff, hire expert commercial cleaning staff who can rejuvenate your office floors using specialized equipment and effective cleaning supplies. When done properly, deep cleaning of the floors in your facility will give your entire business a neat and tidy appearance.

Deep Clean Your Carpets

Speaking of floors, any carpeted flooring in your business should be addressed. It’s essential to deep clean your carpets routinely to remove caked in dirt, debris, mold spores, and bacteria – especially for any employees who are susceptible to allergens.

If you want to approximate the efforts of commercial carpet cleaning professionals, you will need to vacuum and steam clean your carpeted surfaces, allowing for plenty of time to adequately dry. For heavily soiled carpets this process may need to be repeated unless you use professional equipment or contact the ServiceMaster Twin Cities team!

Wash Every Window

Window washing isn’t a task that most businesses perform frequently. Many businesses depend on cleaning their windows from the outside only once or twice a year via dedicated window washers.

As the summer provides the perfect opportunity, getting your facility’s windows cleaned through expert window cleaning services should be a top priority, as it helps boost your staff members’ overall morale and productivity.

Hire Our Professionals for Summer Commercial Cleaning Services

These tips in this article are only the beginning when it comes to a thorough commercial cleaning of your facility. Get ahead during the off-season and contact the janitorial staff ServiceMaster Twin Cities for the best commercial cleaning services in the Little Rock, Arkansas area.

We offer a full menu of commercial deep-cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection services to create a healthy work environment for your employees. Call now to receive a free custom quote for your business’ deep cleaning and disinfection needs.

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