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Summer Colds

Posted by ServiceMaster | June 27th, 2019 | Categories : Healthy Environments

I’m sure you’re familiar with flu season and winter colds, but do you know about summer colds? Summer colds come from a different strand than winter colds. This type of cold can go on longer than a winter cold. Summer has finally arrived. It’s time to soak up the sun and go on a vacation. No one wants to be cooped up in bed with chicken noodle soup when the weather is so nice. Avoid missing out on your annual camping trip or family barbecue. Take the following precautions in your workplace to stay healthy all summer long.

How to Avoid

There are a lot of steps you can take to avoid a summer cold. Introduce the following practices to your office.

  • Wash your hands regularly, the right way.
  • Avoid sharing drinks and utensils.
  • Don’t touch your face during the day, especially after being in communal office spaces.

If you Have One

Sometimes it’s not possible to avoid the summer cold. Constant handshakes and communal spaces spread germs easily. Do your coworkers a favor and stay out of the office when you’re sick.

  • Stay home to limit sharing your germs with coworkers.
  • Drink a lot of water. It’s easy to become dehydrated in the summer.
  • Rest up and if you don’t feel better within a few days, go to the doctor.

How to Sanitize Your Office

If you’re trying to avoid catching a summer cold or if the sickness has been going around your office, don’t just clean, disinfect.

  • Identify key germ attractors. These are items like keyboards, electronics and common spaces like the office kitchen, water station and bathroom.
  • Keep hand sanitizer and trash cans accessible throughout the office. Throwing away dirty tissues and eliminating germs makes a big difference.
  • If you use disinfecting sprays and wipes, handle with care. Use gloves, allow the surface to be wet for the amount of time indicated on the bottle and let dry completely.

Schedule Regular Cleaning Services

It’s a lot of work to keep an office clean and healthy. We can help. Our team of experts works around your schedule. Whether you need your office cleaned during the day or after hours, you can rely on us to provide a healthy office environment. Our services include the following.

  • Clean, sanitize and restock restroom and break room necessities.
  • Detail clean for high traffic areas like conference rooms and lobbies.
  • Hard floor and carpet care.
  • Specialty cleaning like pressure washing and event cleaning.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning with Green For® products and microfiber technology.

ServiceMaster Twin Cities in Little Rock, Arkansas has provided janitorial services to local businesses for almost 30 years. Our expert team can make your business shine with our high-quality, reliable cleaning services. Contact us to schedule regular janitorial services. Our team takes the time to learn about your business. We have the experience to provide the high-quality, reliable service you need. You can count on our detailed processes to disinfect, sanitize and thoroughly clean your office.

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