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Spring Energy Saving Tips for Your Businesses

Posted by ServiceMaster | March 15th, 2022 | Categories : Healthy Environments

As a small business, getting high electricity bills can be overwhelming. There are many things you can do to reduce your electricity bills, such as performing spring cleaning and choosing energy-saving electric equipment. However, spending time to determine the right spring energy-saving tips can be time-consuming and costly. Our team shared their spring energy-saving tips below:

1.     Install LED Light Bulbs

Certain lighting systems can drain a huge amount of energy in the workplace. A promising way to reduce energy consumption is switching to LED lights. LEDs reduce electricity consumption by more than 80% more than other bulb types. You will quickly get a return on your investment when your electric bill comes!

2.     Replace Air Conditioning System

If you want to take it a step further, you can replace the air conditioner in your business to save energy. To measure the energy efficiency of an air conditioner, you must know how to calculate the energy efficiency ratio or EER. The SEER or seasonal energy efficiency ratio tells the amount of heat an air conditioner removes in a season. Make sure to get an air conditioner with high SEER or EER to reduce electricity bills.

3.     Clean the Duct System

You can hire a duct cleaning service team operating in your neighborhood for spring cleaning. Sometimes, the excessive dust in the cleaning system puts pressure on the cooling system. By cleaning the duct, you can save energy by up to 5% to 15%. clean the evaporator coil once a year. Spring would be the best time to clean the coil.

4.     Install Sensors

Installing sensors in your house can significantly reduce costs and save energy. These sensors automatically switch off lights when there is no one in the area.

5.     Insulate Windows and Doors

You can reduce household energy by 7 to 15 percent by insulating the windows and doors. Sealing the openings prevent cool air from leaving the workplace. As a result, your air conditioning system requires less energy to maintain the temperature level. Also, you can use drapes and install storm windows to make the workplace comfortable.

6.     Hire a Professional Team

You can hire a professional team to identify and reduce electricity problems. They will conduct a home inspection and suggest cost-effective solutions to save energy. Furthermore, they also perform spring cleaning in the duct area so your air conditioning system requires less energy to maintain the temperature in the office.

An experienced team will conduct regular maintenance and change air filters every year. As a result, your heating and cooling system will properly work using less energy. This is one of the best solutions to deal with additional energy consumption.


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