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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Facility

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Posted by ServiceMaster | March 29th, 2019 | Categories : Cleaning Tips

Winter weather takes a toll on your property. Now that cold weather is coming to an end, evaluate the damage. You may see stains on your carpet or dust in your AC Vents. It’s time for your yearly spring cleaning. Grime is often more noticeable in the sun. Ensure your property is ready to face sunny days during the upcoming season. Spring clean your property now, so it can shine all season long.

Deep Clean:

Clean all of the areas that have been affected by harsh winter weather. Take some time to search for damage or grime in unexpected areas including ceilings, shelves, tile grout, doors, cabinets and lighting.

  • Start by inspecting your property looking for damage caused by storms and freezing temperatures like ceiling stains, holes and warped flooring.
  • Dust fans, lighting and other hard to reach areas that haven’t been touched all winter long.
  • Focus on stain removal from tracked in mud, moisture or other debris.

Freshen Up Exterior:

Take a look around your roof, exterior walls and sidewalks to check for damage and deep clean these areas. A little attention is all your property’s exterior needs to shine this spring.

  • Remove debris from your roof and gutters.
  • Pressure wash walls and sweep sidewalks.
  • Focus your sweeping around entrances to help keep debris outside.


All winter long, the wind has been kicking up rain, dirt and debris onto your windows. You probably won’t notice the extent of the grime on your windows until the first sunny day of spring.

  • Wash all of your windows. Use a squeegee, bucket, microfiber cloth and window cleaner.
  • Make sure you pay attention to awnings sliding doors and window coverings.
  • If you’re unable to reach all of your windows, schedule a professional window washing.

HVAC System:

Your heater has been working overtime all winter long. Now, you’ll soon transition into using your air conditioning. Make sure you’re giving your HVAC system the attention it needs to keep working properly all year around.

  • Dust your HVAC system, focusing on vents.
  • Change your filters.
  • If you see dust and debris falling from your vents, schedule a professional duct cleaning.

Floor Cleaning:

Winter weather takes a toll on all types of flooring. You can take preventative measures, but chances are your floors have sustained new damage in the past few months.

  • Pre-treat carpet stains by using a gentle stain remover, microfiber cloth and carpet brush.
  • Remove grout stains on your tile floor with a bleach solution.
  • Clean wood floors with a gentle vacuum, microfiber mop and wood cleaner.

ServiceMaster Twin Cities in Little Rock, AR has been making local businesses shine for 30 years. Our team focuses on high-quality, reliable commercial cleaning services. Whether you have an educational, healthcare or manufacturing facility, we can help. We provide carpet care, office system cleaning, waste removal and more. Our team hopes the above tips help your facility look it’s best this spring. If you need help with your spring-cleaning checklist, contact us.


Photo by:  © Ken Cole | Dreamstime.com

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