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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Commercial Facilities

Spring cleaning for offices and commercial facilities.

Posted by ServiceMaster | April 27th, 2018 | Categories : Commercial Cleaning

Where did the term “spring cleaning” come from? Many cultures have embraced the practice of thoroughly cleaning the home or office on an annual basis. Whether it’s a method to maintain cleanliness for health reasons or it’s just a psychologically refreshing experience, there’s no doubt that getting a detailed cleaning makes you feel better. If you’re a facilities manager in the Little Rock, Arkansas area, consider whether your business or industrial facility might benefit from a closer look or a deeper clean.

Basic Cleaning Tasks

  • Clean keyboards and other electronic office equipment with compressed air
  • Wipe down desks and workspace with multipurpose wipes
  • Sweep and mop hard surface floors
  • Vacuum carpets or get professional carpet cleaning
  • Clean tile and grout floors and hardwood floors
  • Clean mirrors, toilet, sink and counters in bathroom
  • Vacuum or dust air vents
  • Wipe down all countertops and appliances
  • Clean and disinfect waste removal bins
  • Dust fans and baseboards
  • Clean and replace doormat
  • Clean and disinfect all door knobs
  • Vacuum and rotate cushions in the seating area
  • Dust light fixtures and light switches

Basic Restocking and Organizing Tasks

  • Check printers for ink, toner, and paper
  • Shred old files and use binders to organize and file paperwork
  • Use storage boxes to file important hard copies
  • Back up important data to an external hard drive
  • Restock paper towels, toilet paper and soap in the bathrooms
  • Go through employee kitchen pantry and remove any expired foods
  • Restock cups, cutlery, and plates in the employee kitchen
  • Check smoke detectors and change batteries if needed

When you take into account all the areas of your office or facility, there’s a lot to get done! If you don’t have the staff to complete these tasks on a regular or even a semiannual basis, we’ve got you covered. ServiceMaster Twin Cities offers professional and prompt janitorial services on custom schedules to fit your business needs. Don’t waste time trying to do it all yourself – partner with us and you’ll experience the benefits and increased productivity of a clean workspace.

Consider Biggest Problem Areas

After winter is a great time to think about the areas most affected by the colder weather. This may include the flooring which experienced the heaviest toll from people dragging in dirt and debris from the wetter weather. Getting a good carpet cleaning or investing in proper hardwood floor care, tile and grout cleaning, and concrete floor cleaning will drastically improve the look of your facility. Working with a professional janitorial team like the experts at ServiceMaster Twin Cities can help you identify the biggest problem areas preventing your facility from looking its best.

The Exterior

The outside appearance of your business can be just as important as the inside! Freshen up your building’s exterior by cleaning the windows, pressure washing the walkways that experience heavy foot traffic, or even spraying down the walls if they’re made of concrete. It’s also a good idea to inspect the roof for any damages as well.

Maintaining a clean workspace is proven to increase productivity as well as decrease illness among staff. Reap the benefits of hiring a professional janitorial team that can ensure your office or other commercial facility is always in top-notch condition. Contact us today for a quote on services.

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