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Setting a Top to Bottom Building Cleaning Schedule

Posted by ideadev | March 15th, 2017 | Categories : Office Cleaning

The perfect building cleaning schedule can keep your office or retail space looking amazing year-round. Follow these steps to get the cleanest building on the block.

With the right combination of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning services, you can ensure that your building always makes a great first impression on your clients and associates. Include the following tasks to create the perfect building cleaning schedule for your business needs.

When your associates and clients arrive at your office or retail space, the condition of your building sets the tone for your ongoing relationship. A clean, tidy setting reflects your dedication to providing quality service, products, and support at every turn. You can ensure your company always makes a great impression by setting up a top to bottom building cleaning schedule. To completely revitalize your building and wow your clients and associates, the cleaning schedule should have the following tasks completed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Everyday Cleaning Tasks

Common touch-points which come into contact with individuals daily need a sanitizing wipe down to keep germs from spreading through your building. Touch-screen devices, keyboards, door knobs, elevator buttons, handrails, and water fountains for example, allow germs like influenza and norovirus to multiply and lie in wait for the next person to come along. All shared surfaces in both kitchen and bathroom spaces also require a complete wipe down to remove visible soils and kill hidden germs.

The best way to eliminate these germs is by using a strong disinfectant product on every touchpoint surface. If you are unsure about which products and techniques to use or do not feel up to the task of finding and sanitizing every touchpoint in your building, contract out this task to a professional cleaning company instead.

In addition to touch-point sanitization, a thorough cleaning of the flat surfaces and floors in your office space can keep your weekly and monthly deep cleaning tasks to a minimum. Vacuuming and mopping the floors in your buildings can keep dust levels low, which has a positive impact on the overall cleanliness of your workspace. You should also remove trash daily, especially from restrooms and breakrooms.

Weekly Routines

After closing time at the end of each workweek, you should perform particular cleaning tasks in addition to your daily routine to sanitize and deodorize your office or retail space. You can start with the thorough dusting of all electronic devices, including the copy machine, calculators, and phone systems. Move on to furniture next to keep dust debris from marring each piece’s finish.

Once you finish dusting, you can clean and deodorize the refrigerator and coffee maker (as well as the coffee pot) in the break room. Once these tasks are completed, you may notice that the building looks and smells much fresher than before.

Monthly Tasks

On a monthly basis, you must turn your attention to the floors and windows in your building to clean them and protect them from excessive wear. Your flooring may need to be steam-cleaned or buffed using professional cleaning equipment to remove stubborn scuffs and grime. Use of proper eco-friendly products and equipment helps to avoid damaging your flooring or negatively impacting the health of employees during the cleaning process. The insides of all windows should be wiped down and shined to a high gloss to improve the overall look and feel of your workspace.

Other monthly tasks can include dusting air vents, baseboards, blinds, and fans, as these gather dust over time. The completion of these tasks shows off each material’s finish and prevents damage from occurring to surfaces over time.

Acquiring Professional Building Cleaning Services

If you would like assistance with these building cleaning services, contact the team at ServiceMaster Twin Cities by calling 877-461-1774 or filling out the online form. Your cleaning expert can provide you with a service quote covering all daily, weekly, and monthly tasks you need completed in your office building or retail space. With professional cleaning services, you can rest assured your building remains germ-free and in great condition year-round.

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