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Routine Disinfection Maintenance

Posted by ServiceMaster | May 29th, 2020 | Categories : Disinfection

As regular business opens again, schedule a professional disinfection service for your business or home. Our team of experts can disinfect your space with EPA-registered chemicals. However, it’s also necessary to maintain a clean and disinfected space in between professional services. Incorporate disinfection and cleaning habits into your daily habits to help you and your community stay healthy. ServiceMaster Twin Cities has compiled the following tips from the CDC to help you create a new cleaning routine.


Hand Hygiene

One of the best habits you can start is washing your hands correctly often throughout the day. Use soap and water for at least 20 seconds and dry thoroughly. If soap and water aren’t available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Teach everyone in your home or office to do the same.


High Touch Surfaces

Another important step to take daily is to clean and disinfect high touch surfaces. Start by identifying the areas that are used the most in your space. They most likely include electronics, doorknobs, countertops, appliances faucets and more.


Clean & Disinfect

Cleaning and disinfecting are not the same. Cleaning removes debris and some germs. Disinfecting kills leftover germs. You’ll want to start by cleaning surfaces with soap and water followed by disinfecting with an EPA approved product. Make sure you protect your hands with gloves and open a window for ventilation during your cleaning and disinfecting process.


  • Clean: Clean surfaces with soap and water to remove dirt and reduce germs.
  • Disinfect: Follow your cleaning step by disinfecting surfaces with an EPA-registered product. Follow label instructions for correct use to kill germs.
  • Encourage coworkers and family members to wipe down surfaces after use by placing cleaning supplies throughout your space. Make sure everyone knows how to use these products correctly.


Soft Surfaces

They type of surface you want to clean can determine your cleaning method. Soft surfaces like upholstery, curtains or rugs require special care.

  • Vacuum as usual to remove dirt and debris.
  • Clean with soap and water or an appropriate product like carpet and upholstery cleaning sprays.
  • When possible, launder soft items on the warmest setting while still following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Disinfect with an EPA-registered product and let dry completely.


Disinfection Services

Contact us to schedule a professional disinfection service. Our expert team can disinfect your facility with EPA-registered disinfectants. ServiceMaster Twin Cities follows guidelines established by the Center for Disease Control (CDC during every service. We’re dedicated to helping our community stay healthy and safe during this time. As businesses re-open, you can count on us to create a routine cleaning program designed to keep your patrons and employees safe.


ServiceMaster Twin Cities in Little Rock, Arkansas has provided janitorial services to local businesses for over 30 years. Our expert team can help clean your business with our high-quality, reliable cleaning services. Contact us to schedule any of our janitorial services. We hope the tips above help you keep your space clean and disinfected between professional services. Our experience and training afford us the ability to promote safe practices for infection prevention within our business.


Photo by: istockphoto.com/AndreyPopov

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