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The Risk of Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

Posted by ServiceMaster | February 15th, 2021 | Categories : Cleaning Tips

The right cleaning products can make a world of difference in your office, retail store, school, or another commercial facility. Top-quality cleaning products like our crew at ServiceMaster Twin Cities use will keep your property safe while preventing the spread of various bacteria and viruses. Our janitorial experts understand what cleaning products work, how they are to be mixed or prepared, and how they should be applied to the spaces that need help the most.

However, it’s easy to use the wrong types of cleaning products. The risks associated with using the wrong items can be dangerous in many ways. Avoid using the wrong cleaning supplies in your office with these tips:

Office Damages

Using the wrong cleaning products can damage the surfaces and items in your commercial facility. Some cleaning items might be too acidic for specific surfaces, including hardwood floors or tiles. These compounds could destroy the topcoat of the flooring and potentially expose the inside to pressure or cracks. These surfaces can become harder to clean, as they might develop openings that allow harmful bacteria to enter.

Many cleaning products also contain bleach, which could discolor the surfaces around your property, including upholstery items. The discoloration can ruin your furnishings if not utilized properly and can be a sign of surfaces becoming weak and even harder to clean.

Health Hazards

Commercial cleaners are stronger than traditional home-based products, what with them being necessary for high-contact surfaces and high-volume environments. Some of these items can be dangerous if improperly used. They can feature toxic or flammable compounds, plus they might produce vapors that can stick around a place for a while. The risk can be worse if you mix some of these items in one space.

Some of the health effects that can develop when using the wrong items include headaches, breathing difficulties, and vomiting. Pneumonia may also develop in the worst cases.

Organic cleaning products can work, as green cleaning items will not contain any potentially poisonous items. But those still need to be used correctly to keep them from harming surfaces.

Ask Professionals for Help

The best way to handle commercial-grade cleaning items in your office is to have janitorial experts assist you with the work. Our team at ServiceMaster Twin Cities can help you by routinely cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and items throughout your property. Our experienced janitorial technicians will use the necessary materials to ensure everything in your property remains clean and safe. Contact our commercial cleaning team today to receive a custom quote for your business.

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