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Pressure Washing

A person in boots pressure washing concreteWe understand that your home needs ongoing maintenance to protect your family and your investment. Walkways, concrete driveways, decks and even the siding on your home take quite a beating from the weather and pollution in the air. Turn to the IICRC certified technicians at ServiceMaster Twin Cities for regular pressure washing of these hard surfaces.

We’ll Restore the Color Back to New

Surfaces covered in dirt, grime, or pollution simply can’t look their best. Our pressure washing services will clean and restore the color, helping your home to look like new again. We provide a thoroughly clean and refreshed look and, even better, our service helps to prevent stains from setting and surfaces becoming permanently stained. Power washing also helps prevent corrosion to surfaces that can be damaged by dirt or other contaminants.

Our Professionals Get the Job Done Right

A ServiceMaster technician standing in front of a branded vehicleOur technicians are certified and our training is proprietary to ServiceMaster, the 50+ year leader in cleaning technologies. We have the experience necessary to provide the correct pressure washing application for each surface and structure you maintain. Using the best techniques and proper equipment is absolutely necessary to effectively clean any surface and to ensure that no damage occurs. The amount of pressure used when pressure washing is critical for each type of material cleaned; concrete pathways and wood siding require very different applications, for example.

We assess your unique needs with care and then ensure that the proper pressure washing techniques are executed.

Call ServiceMaster Twin Cities for professional and customized pressure washing services today!

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