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How to Prepare Your Office for Flu Season During a Pandemic

Posted by ServiceMaster | February 1st, 2021 | Categories : Healthy Environments

Living through 2020 was difficult enough, now flu season is here too. The threat is especially concerning in offices, as multiple hands touch the surfaces in those spaces. ServiceMaster Twin Cities want you and your employees to stay safe during this unique flu season with these few tips to prepare your office. Commercial disinfection will be critical to ensuring your workers remain safe, but that’s only a small part of what to do in your office.

Reevaluate Distancing

You’ve probably heard about the importance of people being six feet apart from one another during the pandemic. This consideration is all the more essential during the flu season.

You can use a few points when managing distances in your office:

  • Place markers around your office to show all distancing guidelines, including how far apart people should be from one another in your space.
  • Consider how jobs in your workplace are managed and if it is necessary for people to stay near each other. You can create dividing spaces to ensure people don’t stay too close.
  • Add dividers around the office if you can’t possibly distance your workers. Plexiglas and plastic dividers can work throughout the office.

Analyze Sick Leave Policies

Every business in the Little Rock, Arkansas area should have a sick leave policy in place. It should follow points on what your employees can do if they cannot work due to them feeling ill. It can also include details on sick leave and other relevant. Checking your sick leave policies is critical, as having sensible rules makes it easier for people to choose to stay at home when they are ill.

Stock Up on Cleaning Products

Your business will require all the necessary cleaning items to ensure it stays safe during the flu season. You will need a variety of commercial disinfection items, such as:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Disinfectant sprays

The key is to avoid having anything reusable in the office. Don’t use reusable sponges or other towels, as those might still contain bacteria after cleaning.

Encourage Vaccinations

Don’t forget to encourage your employees to get vaccinated against the flu. The annual flu vaccine helps protect people from various forms of the flu. Getting vaccinated prevents people from transmitting the flu, or it can at least keep any instances of the flu from being worse than necessary.

Trust the Cleaning Experts

The last tip is to hire a professional cleaning team to assist you with your cleaning needs. Contact our commercial cleaning team to ensure your office stays clean and safe throughout this years’ flu season. We can provide routine cleaning efforts to ensure every surface around your office remains safe.

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