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Fall Cleaning Tips for Commercial Facility Managers

Posted by ServiceMaster | November 17th, 2020 | Categories : Cleaning Tips

Cleaning offices is a tricky duty. It becomes more challenging if your office is big and has many rooms. Hiring a few sweepers won’t help you to sanitize, disinfect, and clean the place. These procedures need appropriate expertise and knowledge. If you want a helping hand, ServiceMaster Twin Cities can help you. We offer professional janitorial services to make your premises free from microbes and germs.

If you are planning to make your office neat and tidy for fall, follow the tips we have mentioned below.

Disinfect High Touch Areas

The most important thing you need to consider this fall is to disinfect all the high touch areas. This includes keyboards, mice, laptops, and doorknobs. The pathogens in these areas can cause health problems. So, it becomes important to disinfect almost all parts of your office.

Not to mention, not all products are great for disinfecting surfaces. On the other hand, you cannot clean some devices like keyboards with water and soap. This is why you need adequate products for different areas of your facility. If you don’t have the basic knowledge of the sanitizing and disinfecting process, hire an expert for professional janitorial services. This way, your office will be free from germs, and you won’t face any misfortune while cleaning.

Prepare for Fall

Fall comes with wonderful vibes of nature and beauty. You witness a unique beauty in the fallen leaves. However, this change in the environment may increase the mess for some people. You will see more dust lying on office furniture. Even you might catch one or two small leaves lying on the floor of your building. Not to mention, you need to be ready for your employees entering the office with muddy shoes.

To avoid all these general fall season problems, just keep the doormat outside your office. Also, hire someone like ServiceMaster Twin Cities for professional cleaning services so that someone can sweep the floors couple of times a day.

Vacuum Your Office Floors

Having a messy and dusty office in a pleasant season like fall can affect your employees’ productivity. It’s important to have a clean office. Not only you should sanitize equipment or furniture, but also get the floors thoroughly cleaned.

You need to vacuum your office once a day to reduce dust accumulation. If your office is a high traffic place, you may need to vacuum more than once a day. You can decide it by monitoring the cleanliness of your premises. Make sure not to leave any place while cleaning your office.

Check Air Ducts, Drainage, and Gutter Systems

Lastly, you need to inspect air ducts and clean gutter and drainage systems. For the healthy environment of your office, you need to get air ducts cleaned for fall. You may find dust or debris or catch mold growth in the air duct. All these things can affect the air quality of your office.

Clearing up the gutters and drainage is also crucial. Any blockages can cause problems for you. Not to mention, you also need to check gutters for snow draining. If not, it will accumulate around your office premises.

If you have a big office or facility to take care of, then you will need professional janitorial services. Our team at ServiceMaster Twin Cities knows the tricks to keep your premises in a top-notch position. Call our office today, we’re ready to help!

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