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How to Develop a Top-Notch Facility Maintenance Plan

Posted by ideadev | February 16th, 2017 | Categories : Commercial Cleaning

The time and effort you put into creating a top-notch facility maintenance plan will help you reduce upkeep costs and always make a great first impression on your guests. First, you should know what to include in this beneficial plan for your building.

A facility maintenance plan will help you stay on top of the cleanliness and overall condition of your building. A clean facility will also help you make a great first impression with associates and clients who visit your workspace. As you develop your approach, you should include the smart combination of inspections, maintenance, repairs and cleaning procedures. You can keep your upkeep costs under control with this plan by tackling small problems before they escalate into huge issues. Here is everything you need to know about how to develop a facility maintenance plan.

Seasonal Upkeep Tasks

As the seasons change, you will need to address the HVAC system and other equipment to keep your facility operating as expected. Start with the heating and cooling system by checking the thermostat to ensure that it properly functions on demand. Verify that all of the vents produce the expected heated or cooled air output at the selected temperature.

Since the caulk around windows and doors helps control indoor temperatures as well, scrape away the old material and reapply a new seal when you notice wear and tear. Clean off the roof of your building and look for moisture inside the attic space and basement, if applicable, to prevent leaks and keep these materials in excellent condition.

Monthly Inspections and Maintenance

When you walk through your facility on a monthly basis, you can discover developing problems before the issues escalate into extensive damage that requires costly and time-consuming repairs. You must look from the roof to the crawlspace for developing issues that need upkeep services. You should also perform routine maintenance during the inspection process by:

  • Replacing HVAC air filters
  • Cleaning vents
  • Clearing drains and gutters
  • Rectifying leaks
  • Securing electrical panels

If you discover any issues, make sure to schedule repair services right away to keep the problems in check.

Daily Cleaning Procedures

You can keep the need for costly maintenance at bay by hiring a facility maintenance service to perform daily commercial cleaning procedures inside your facility. Hiring professionals well-versed in the thorough cleaning of floors, countertops, windows and work areas will reduce your workload while reaping the benefits of maintaining a tidy building. Janitorial experts use the best cleaning chemicals, tools and techniques to not only clean your facility, but sanitize it as well. Since your cleaning crew touches on each area of your building every day, you will receive timely alerts to any issues developing in lesser-utilized corners of your facility.

Facilitating Your Top-Notch Building Maintenance Plan

When you take the above approach to the upkeep of your facility, your space will always be ready for a client visit and you will save on maintenance costs. Get high-quality facility maintenance services for your workplace by contacting the professionals at ServiceMaster Twin Cities and requesting a service quote at 877-461-1774. We take care of your facilities so that you can work on what is really important.

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