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Floor Refinishing Services

Our Floor Refinishing Features Slip Resistance

Take a shine to safety.

Beautiful hard-surface floors are impressive in any home or business. Dirty or wet floors, however, lead to injuries and even possible damage to your personal or professional reputation.

ServiceMaster Clean partners with Slip and Fall Solutions to offer slip-resistant floor refinishing. Our process is state-of-the-art —NO-Slip Treatment® 5100. This treatment does not acid-etch or compromise the appearance of your floor. We’ve tested our applications to ensure they are perfect for hospitality, restaurants,  food service, healthcare, education and arenas and entertainment venues.

Any of these types of floors may be successfully refinished with NO-Slip Treatment 5100*:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Safety tile
  • Quarry tile
  • Glazed tile
  • Concrete
  • Natural stone
  • Ceramic/porcelain bathtubs
  • Unsealed marble

Whether you need help with your property at home or at work, we’ll present a customized plan to keep your facilities looking great. Our systems are proven and our customer service is second to none. The ServiceMaster Clean solution cannot be beat in helping prevent slip and fall accidents while providing clean and safely refinished floor surfaces.

*NO-Slip Treatment 5100 is not designed for painted surfaces, glass, stamped concrete, vinyl/linoleum, urethane wood, or sealed, wax, epoxy or metal surfaces.

Selecting the shine that’s right for your floors

As part of our refinishing services, we apply the shine that’s just right for your desires and the specific type of flooring you have:


Floor buffing uses a piece of equipment called a buffer to polish floors. Floors are thoroughly cleaned before buffing and the squeegees in the back of the buffer help gather any dirt and moisture that are left behind. Buffing is applied at low or high speeds. While buffing does restore some gloss and smoothness to floors, it does not achieve the same wet-look shine that burnishing does.


Although buffing both polishes and offers residual cleaning of floors, burnishing is a floor polishing technique.  The floors are burnished at a high speed to produce the maximum shine possible. The extra glossy appearance results from the equipment being run at much higher of up to  2,500 revolutions per minute. Burnishing may be applied after buffing to achieve a maximum glossy, wet-looking shine.


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