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Expert Advice on Combating Common Building Pests

Posted by ideadev | July 27th, 2017 | Categories : Healthy Environments

Rely on the professionals of ServiceMaster Twin Cities for facility maintenance services and expert advice on how to combat common building pests. 

Every building is susceptible to pests that have the ability to create problems and wreak havoc for your business. From rodent infestations to ants, cockroaches, and more, the experts at ServiceMaster Twin Cities offer top quality commercial cleaning services in Arkansas plus the expert advice you need to combat common building pests.

To keep the most common pests out and away from your commercial building or property, it is essential to know the types of pests and the protocols you can put in place to decrease the likelihood of their presence.

The Most Common Building Pests

Globally and throughout the United States, commercial buildings encounter many of the same pests. These include bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, mites, mosquitoes, and rodents. In Arkansas, the drugstore beetle is considered one of the most common pests to both residential and commercial buildings.

According to the University of Arkansas, “Drugstore beetles are common and serious pests in commercial food processing plants and distribution centers and in museums.” They devour grains, spices, and seeds as well as “books, leather, cork, insect specimens, and mummies. The beetles have been known to bore a line through a whole shelf of books.”

Tips for Combating Common Building Pests

Implementing a regular cleaning schedule can be one of the best ways to prevent pests from infesting your building. Rely on professional janitorial and facility maintenance services from professionals like ServiceMaster to keep the building in top shape and free from destructive and potential disease-carrying pests.

Other ways to combat pests include but are not limited to:

  • Keep all food scraps, especially in a breakroom or cafeteria, off the counters and floors. Have trash containers emptied nightly into outdoor bins with a secured lid to keep out rodents and raccoons.
  • Regularly have the spaces behind all facility appliances cleaned to eliminate food scraps and other debris that attracts pests. A complete waste management system must be in place.
  • Make sure all septic tanks and drains are sealed properly.
  • Install lights that don’t attract flying pests. Consider sodium vapor bulbs, especially for loading docks, entranceways, and parking lots.
  • Check the drainage on the outside of the building (gutters, downspouts). Water should flow away from the facility and never pool near the foundation. Standing water can damage foundations and lead to mosquitoes.

If carpenter ants are a problem, the building likely has additional issues beyond the ants. How Stuff Works states that because carpenter ants are found in damp wood, the building’s pipes, roof, and window sills need to be checked for water leaks.

Look to the professionals at ServiceMaster for high-quality facility maintenance services that help you identify and fix potential issues before the situation has the chance to manifest into a costly, time-consuming problem. Our team of commercial cleaners will keep your facility in tip top shape so that common pests are not attracted by dirt or grime in your space.

The ServiceMaster Twin Cities team has provided excellence in commercial janitorial services for more than 25 years. Contact us today at 877-461-0185 to discuss a maintenance plan for your building.

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