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How to Deep Clean Your School over Summer Break

Posted by ServiceMaster | June 10th, 2021 | Categories : School Cleaning

Now that school’s out for the summer, it’s time to get a jump on your educational facility cleaning before students, teachers, and staff return for the next school year. Custodial staff and property managers can perform some deep cleaning and long-overdue maintenance during the summer with minimal interruption.

To get your educational facility ready to go for the first day of school, follow these cleaning tips from the experts at ServiceMaster Twin Cities.

Create a Plan

Develop a plan of cleaning projects that you will be tasked with during the summer months. Be sure to prioritize what is the most important versus what is optional, creating a realistic timeline for each. A well-written plan keeps everyone on the same page, enabling you to schedule work with other contractors and communicate your needs to other custodial staff members – or whether you may need the assistance of an educational facility cleaning company like ServiceMaster Twin Cities.

Make Floor Cleaning Your Top Priority

Without the heavy foot traffic in and out of your education facility, floors can be deep cleaned to remove accumulated sand, dirt, salt, grit, grime, and worse that have all left their mark on the flooring. Carpets can be extensively vacuumed and shampooed to a like-new condition, while wood, tile, and the laminate surface can be buffed and waxed for the new year. Additionally, you can assess the condition of the floor and decide on any necessary replacement.

Clean, Service, Repair & Replace Equipment

Your standard of cleanliness is only as good as your equipment. If cleaning and maintenance equipment is dated, in poor condition, dirty, or in need of repair, summer is an ideal time to address it. This may be the time to also upgrade equipment that can make education facility cleaning easier and more efficient.

Preventative Maintenance

If there were any issues you were putting off during the school year, summer presents the perfect opportunity to conduct routine maintenance and preventive maintenance checks.

Some of the most important items to check are those that could lead to serious quality of life issues, such as leaking toilets, non-functional HVAC, ungrounded electrical connections, and cracked plumbing. Taking the time to do them when school isn’t in session makes it easier to address issues without the teacher, student, and staff present.

Disinfect High-Touch Items in the Classroom

Depending on whether your school has summer school, it’s still important as ever to clean high-touch surfaces to reduce the spread of germs. Some of the most common high-touch areas in schools are:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Tabletops
  • Doorknobs
  • Whiteboards
  • Media players
  • Classroom materials
  • And more

Clean And Disinfect Other Areas Of The School

Certain areas of an education facility tend to be more conducive to the spread of germs and bacteria. This includes high-touch areas where students and staff may be in close proximity to one another, such as restrooms, gyms, changing rooms, and cafeterias. Ensuring that these areas are cleaned and disinfected before school begins reduces the chances of infection, as well as the presence of pests.

Schedule the Best Educational Facility Cleaning with Us!

If you’re looking for educational facility cleaning services that can lighten your load or complete the entire project for you, ServiceMaster Twin Cities is at your service. Our trusted team of professional technicians can provide summer cleaning service, as well as regularly scheduled cleaning to keep your school clean throughout the year. Best of all, we can work around your schedule at your convenience based on your needs. Call us today to find out what our educational facility cleaning services can do for you today.

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