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Day vs Nighttime Cleaning – What’s Right for You?

Posted by ServiceMaster | July 21st, 2022 | Categories : Commercial Cleaning

There are many important decisions a business owner must make and deciding how to clean your facility is a big one. You must take into consideration things like your office’s hours and when employees will be in the building. So, is day or nighttime best for your business’ commercial cleaning?

Most business owners undergo extensive trial and error before determining what works best for the facility. Our janitorial experts listed the advantages of day and night commercial cleaning to help you decide:

Benefits of Daytime Cleaning

You can hire ServiceMaster Twin Cities for our professional commercial cleaning services during the day. Daytime janitorial services have many benefits, which include:

Energy Efficiency

Unlike nighttime commercial cleaning, you don’t need to keep the lights on or maintain the temperature if you opt for daytime cleaning. This way you can have your facility cleaned during operating hours and save on energy use. Daytime commercial cleaning services are ideal if you’re looking to save cash on utility bills. After all, you won’t need to waste money powering the building at night.

Enhanced Nighttime Security

Nighttime security is one of the biggest concerns of most business owners regarding their workspace facility.

You should hire a daytime cleaning team if you want to reduce the number of people coming and going during the night. Keeping the doors closed at night will help ensure safety during off hours.

Better Response

Daytime commercial cleaning services can be incredibly fast and efficient. In most cases, the janitorial team arrives at the facility before your shift starts to get the bulk of the work done. You can trust ServiceMaster Twin Cities to take care of your commercial cleaning needs without disrupting your business operation.

Benefits of Nighttime Cleaning

Nighttime commercial cleaning can be a bit costly, considering the additional running of lights and temperature systems. However, the benefits it provides your business far outweigh the extra cost:

Fewer Interruptions

Cleaning professionals are trained to work in most situations. Occasionally, the interruptions cleaners face during the daytime make can affect their results. The presence of your employees in the business facility can distract cleaners and affect their job. You will likely see better commercial cleaning results when janitors have the space to themselves.

Better Employee Health and Safety

Unlike cleaning during business hours, nighttime cleaning will not pose any health and safety risks for employees. For example, dust or cleaning agents can cause allergies for some employees. You also subject employees to slipping hazards if you are mopping the floor during business hours.

No Disruption to the Workflow

Most of the time our commercial cleaning crew can work without causing a disturbance. However, the mere presence of janitors in the workspace can be enough to distract your employees, affecting their productivity. Nighttime cleaning eliminates that issue allowing employees can stay focused and work without distractions.

ServiceMaster Twin Cities should be your number one choice if you’re looking for reliable commercial cleaning services in central Arkansas. Contact our team today to discuss our day vs nighttime cleaning and to receive a quote!

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