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Is Cheaper Better When It Comes to Commercial Janitorial Services?

Posted by | December 5th, 2016 | Categories : Commercial Cleaning

If you choose the right commercial janitorial service company, you can create a pristine work environment while also staying on budget.

Studies show that a clean, organized work environment directly impacts your employees’ productivity levels, job satisfaction, and an overall sense of wellness. Because these factors can affect your bottom line, it is a wise business decision to invest in commercial janitorial services. This investment can ultimately boost the success of your company, so you must weigh quality with economy when searching for a janitorial service provider. The following information explains how a commercial cleaning service works, as well as how you can find a company that fulfills your expectations and budget.

Surface Maintenance

Regular surface maintenance is vital for keeping your building in excellent condition for years to come. Without routine care, your wall coverings, floors, and windows could end up looking drab and in dire need of replacement. Vinyl composition tile (VCT), for example, requires weekly buffing and refinishing to maintain its luster and shine, especially in high-traffic areas like lobbies and office entrances. Without this service, you may end up needing to replace your flooring much earlier than expected. Similarly, regular shampooing of carpeted flooring can remove soil that would otherwise shorten its life.

Choosing a cheaper janitorial service can often limit the frequency with which your surfaces are maintained. The weekly cleaning provided by low-tier companies is rarely enough to prevent unwanted wear and tear. In the end, you can save money and prevent costly building upgrades by having a commercial janitorial service clean the surfaces of your workspace at least three times per week and recondition them when necessary.

Surface Sanitization

Although bathrooms are an obvious place for germs to accumulate, many other areas in the workplace can be coated with a surprising number of harmful microbes. Telephones, keyboards, water fountains, and food preparation areas can be hosts to millions of germs if they are not cleaned by qualified professionals. Without routine disinfection, these germs can cause illnesses to quickly spread through the workplace, causing a dramatic drop in productivity.

Like proper surface maintenance, successful disinfection relies on consistency. Cleaning performed by the cheapest janitorial services company may not address some of the dirtiest locations in your workspace with enough regularity to prevent the spread of germs. You can keep your company from feeling the financial repercussions of employee illnesses by having experienced janitors sanitize your workplace surfaces at least three times per week. A top-tier service will clearly spell out the areas that will be disinfected in its task schedule.

Trash Removal

When you invite clients into your workspace, you must make sure the entire office is a reflection of your professionalism. Overflowing trash cans cause your workplace to seem disorganized and ill-maintained. Therefore, to make a positive impression, you must have your trash emptied regularly to keep the garbage out of sight and out of mind. Although this task may seem inconsequential, a lackluster job could damage your reputation and end up costing your company key relationships in the long run.

One of the most telling differences between quality janitorial service and a cheap one is the efficiency with which they remove trash. “As needed” is the key phrase you should look for in a service contract because a high-quality cleaning company understands that the types of trash your team produces will vary. The reassurance that janitors will replace office trash can liners when they are soiled from drinks or food and simply remove paper waste from an otherwise spotless liner allows you to make the best impression and cut supply costs. Restroom, break room, and exam room trash can liners should always be replaced on a regular basis, regardless of their contents.

If you are looking for commercial janitorial services in Central Arkansas, contact ServiceMaster Twin Cities for an estimate. Our professional team is dedicated to meeting your cleaning needs so you can focus on what you do best.

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