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Commercial Cleaning FAQ

Posted by ServiceMaster | May 24th, 2022 | Categories : Commercial Cleaning

Thinking of hiring janitorial services for commercial cleaning? If so, you might have several questions on your mind about the process. ServiceMaster Twin Cities’ janitorial experts have answered some of the most-asked customer questions to help answer those:

How Long does it Take to Clean a Carpet?

Your carpet’s size, material, and dirt level will determine how much time it takes to clean; and the cleaning method you choose will influence that. Our carpet cleaning experts can help you choose the right method based on your carpet’s condition. You can schedule an appointment with us, and we will guide you as to the best method to clean your carpets.

Can You Strip Floors with Acrylic Finish?

Yes, acrylic is able to be stripped. Your acrylic finished flooring may need periodic stripping.

Do I Need Urethane Floors and How Long they Last?

Urethane floors are best for commercial settings as they hold up to high traffic, so that’s your best option if you’re a facility manager. The average lifespan of these floors is about two years, but it varies based on the traffic in the area.

Do I Need to Hire Experts for Grout and Tile Cleaning?

Commercial areas usually experience high traffic, which often dulls the floors. Therefore, the grout easily collects large amounts of dirt. Simply mopping the floor will do little to clean this up. It’s important to periodically get your tile and grout professionally cleaned to keep up appearances and remove any bacteria build-up.

Can You Use House Cleaning Agents on Grout and Tiles?

The floors are easy to clean if you clean them regularly. You can use natural household cleaning products for the floors, but make sure they are ideal for your type of tiles and grouts. In this case, it’s better to discuss the products with ServiceMaster Twin Cities to get the best outcome.

Does Hardwood Flooring Require Expensive Cleaner?

No, but you should hire experienced janitorial staff to clean it for the best results. Hardwood floor cleaning requires certain commercial cleaning agents and procedures, which are not too expensive. You can hire ServiceMaster Twin Cities for affordable cleaning services.


ServiceMaster Twin Cities has provided commercial cleaning services to local businesses in Little Rock, Arkansas for over 30 years. Our expert team can make your facility shine with our high-quality, reliable cleaning services. Our team takes the time to learn about your business and create a custom plan that works for you. You can count on our detailed processes to disinfect, sanitize and thoroughly clean your office. Contact us today to schedule routine cleaning services!

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