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4 Types of Businesses We Specialize in Cleaning

Posted by ideadev | April 26th, 2017 | Categories : Commercial Cleaning

To keep your workspace in perfect condition, select a commercial cleaning company experienced in maintaining your type of building.

From educational institutions to healthcare facilities, each type of workspace has specific cleaning and upkeep demands to follow to keep the work environment functional and comfortable for all. Without knowing exactly where the dirt, grime and germs accumulate, keeping the building in optimal condition by yourself is nearly impossible. At ServiceMaster Twin Cities, we specialize in the four following.

1. Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities must not only remain clean, but fully sanitized as well to protect patients, visitors, and caregivers from the spread of germs and disease. Cleaning experts know just where to focus their efforts to remove lingering germs and other hazards that accumulate in a healthcare setting. Focus on handrails, bathroom facilities, exam tables, and electronic terminals allow these professionals to restore each room to a sanitary state before the next group of patients arrives.

2. Office Buildings

Office buildings require a surprising amount of upkeep to ensure the building remains presentable for both clients and associates.

The removal of waste and cleaning of upholstery remains high on the list of important tasks to complete in an office setting. Emptying trash receptacles, restocking paper goods and refilling soap dispensers must be completed on a daily basis to keep the workspace presentable and functional. Otherwise, the building could impact the company’s ability to make a great first impression, costing them clients and business associates in the long run.

3. Manufacturing Sites

In a manufacturing environment, dust, dirt, and debris tend to accumulate at an accelerated rate. Unfortunately, the equipment and employees alike can only operate at peak efficiency when the work environment remains clean and dust-free. Commercial cleaning experts utilize tough cleaning and sanitizing tools to remove the lingering debris and restore the functionality of the workspace. A frequent restroom cleaning and dusting schedule is usually required as well for this type of environment.

4. Educational Institutions

Educational institutions require a multi-faceted approach to cleaning to create a beneficial learning environment for both students and teachers. Commercial cleaning professionals must utilize specialized cleaning products and techniques to remove dirt and allergens from every surface inside the building.

The use of green cleaning products, for example, can protect individuals from adverse reactions after direct contact with the treated surfaces. Since the flooring takes a beating as students move from class to class, monthly restoration services are required to protect the materials from premature wear and damage.

Obtaining Cleaning Services for Businesses

If you are ready to select a company well-versed in providing cleaning services for businesses, contact the team at ServiceMaster Twin Cities by calling 877-461-1774. You will receive a comprehensive service quote from professionals who specialize in the cleaning and upkeep of work environments in your industry. Your personalized cleaning plan will optimize the functionality of your workspace well into the future.

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