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Cleaning Healthcare Facility Exam Rooms

Cleaning exam rooms in healthcare facilities in Little Rock, AR.

Posted by ServiceMaster | July 2nd, 2018 | Categories : Healthcare Cleaning

It’s important for any healthcare facility or medical office to keep all high-touch areas as germ-free as possible to protect their patients. The exam room is considered the highest profile space for fighting the spread of bacteria and infections within healthcare environments. Anyone can leave behind bacteria or germs that could affect another person with a more compromised immune system. Establishing clear and strict cleaning procedures for your exam room is crucial to protecting vulnerable patients and maintaining the safety of your facility. ServiceMaster Twin Cities has the expertise and the proper training to safely and effectively clean exam rooms in Little Rock, Arkansas with the following advice:

  • Always wash hands immediately after seeing any patient.
  • Additional hand hygiene may be necessary depending on the situation including using hand sanitizer or changing gloves.
  • Place gloves in an infectious waste container after use.
  • Clean and actively disinfect all surfaces that come into contact with biohazardous waste and ensure that you dispose of biohazards correctly.
  • All surfaces that a prior patient came into contact with should also be disinfected before the next patient enters the room.
  • Disinfect all high-touch areas including but not limited to doorknobs, chairs, light switches, writing utensils, and tables.
  • Launder all contaminated items.
  • Clean any spills that have occurred using EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant.
  • Empty full trash cans and biohazardous waste containers when 2/3 full.

Train your staff on these basic healthcare cleaning protocols so that this is routinely completed. Consistency is key in healthcare cleaning! This is coming from both a professional perspective as well as a health and safety perspective.

The Stats

According to a study completed by the Center for Disease Control, almost 5–10% of patients at acute care hospitals acquire a healthcare-associated infection during their stay. By thoroughly and routinely cleaning your exam rooms after patients have received their healthcare services, you can cut this number down and improve patient health at your facility. Around 1.7 million people suffer from at least one healthcare-associated infection every year, leading to 99,000 deaths. This makes this a critical issue for all healthcare offices. Keep your patients safe by keeping your exam rooms clean.

We Can Help

When you need a group of dedicated healthcare cleaning experts, call ServiceMaster Twin Cities in the greater Little Rock, Arkansas area. Our patient-centered cleaning program puts patients first and stresses the importance of health and safety. Our cleaning methods are environmentally friendly, safe for those with compromised immune systems, and are up to today’s strictest healthcare cleaning protocols. Protect your patients, your staff, and your reputation with professional healthcare cleaning services. Contact us today.

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