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Office Cleaning Tips for Better Building Maintenance

Posted by ServiceMaster | March 24th, 2022 | Categories : Cleaning Tips

Office and facility managers have many more responsibilities to worry about than just cleaning. Despite that, it’s critical that you maintain a safe, clean, and clutter-free office. You can trust the commercial janitorial experts at ServiceMaster Twin Cities to properly clean your business, leaving you time to work on the more important things. To get you started, we’ve compiled some of our best office cleaning tips:

1.     Kitchen Cleaning

It doesn’t take long for an office kitchen to get messy, and employees may start to complain about the cleanliness. Bacteria can develop in your appliances, like the coffee machine, if not regularly cleaned which can cause employees to get sick.

2.     Empty Waste Bins

In a busy office, junk and scrap paper will quickly pile up in the waste bins. You should have multiple bins throughout the office to avoid employees leaving trash around the office. If you don’t have a commercial cleaning team helping, designate someone to dump the waste bins on a weekly, or daily, basis.

3.     Restroom Cleaning

If there are problems with bathroom cleanliness in your office, consider hiring a janitorial team.  ServiceMaster Twin Cities team can clean, sanitize, and restock goods in your restrooms on a regular basis. We take the time to get to know your company’s specific needs and customize a restroom cleaning schedule that helps your facility look its best.

4.     Sanitizing Break Room

An office break room provides employees with a nice place to eat together. In addition, it serves as a designated place where employees can relax in their spare time. It is, however, a hassle to clean. Keep your break room sanitized by using a cleaning service or by holding a rotating shift and encouraging employees to keep them clean.

5.     Air Duct Cleaning

Every office should be maintaining a proper ventilation system. It’s essential to clean your air ducts regularly and change filters. An HVAC cleaning company can improve the quality of air in the office by cleaning the air duct system. They will flush the ducts and remove dust and other contaminants that pollute the office environment.

6.     Floor Mats and Rugs Cleaning

Whether your office has high foot traffic or not, it is essential to clean the mats and rugs. Bacteria and germs will accumulate and pollute the environment. You should be cleaning your mats regularly, especially during the winter months, to keep employees safe and healthy.

If you want to create a healthy environment around your office, you should hire a team to handle the above-mentioned tasks. ServiceMaster Twin Cities in Little Rock, Arkansas provides customized reliable service. You can count on us to work around your schedule and get to know your company’s unique needs. We can help with waste removal, window washing, office system cleaning, and more. Contact us to get a free quote.

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