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Healthy Environments

Why Manual Cleaning & Disinfection Are Important

Posted by ServiceMaster | May 10th, 2022 | No responses

Automatic cleaning may seem faster, but did you know that manual cleaning is actually much more effective? Here is what our cleaning experts have to say about the benefits of manual cleaning and disinfection. Effective & Methodical Automatic cleaning machines and methods may not have the ability to clean certain small […]

Spring Energy Saving Tips for Your Businesses

Posted by ServiceMaster | March 15th, 2022 | No responses

As a small business, getting high electricity bills can be overwhelming. There are many things you can do to reduce your electricity bills, such as performing spring cleaning and choosing energy-saving electric equipment. However, spending time to determine the right spring energy-saving tips can be time-consuming and costly. Our team […]

Prevent Your Office from Getting Sick this Winter

Posted by ServiceMaster | January 15th, 2022 | No responses

Winter is a time to have fun, enjoy the holidays, and laugh with your friends and family. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of the year when many employees take sick leave due to flu season. It’s essential to take measures in your office to help your employees enjoy the winters […]

New Year’s Resolutions to Keep Your Office Clean

Posted by ServiceMaster | January 4th, 2022 | No responses

Most employers overlook office cleaning tasks, but it can impact employees’ health. It can also create a bad impression on your clients or partners. Before the beginning of the New Year, decide what steps you need to take to keep your office clean. Here are some ideas from our commercial […]

Tips to Keep Your Business Safe this Flu Season

Posted by ServiceMaster | November 23rd, 2021 | No responses

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a heightened awareness of the need for sound disinfection processes across all facilities. However, the flu virus is still a threat to at-risk individuals during the regular cold and flu season. Facility managers and their custodial teams are the first line […]

How to Prepare Your Office for Flu Season During a Pandemic

Posted by ServiceMaster | February 1st, 2021 | No responses

Living through 2020 was difficult enough, now flu season is here too. The threat is especially concerning in offices, as multiple hands touch the surfaces in those spaces. ServiceMaster Twin Cities want you and your employees to stay safe during this unique flu season with these few tips to prepare […]

COVID-19 illistration

Tips to Help You Stay Healthy

Posted by ServiceMaster | March 31st, 2020 | No responses

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, all of us at ServiceMaster Twin Cities are doing all we can to help our employees, customers and community to stay healthy. As experts in creating clean, safe and healthy environments, we would like to share some habits that you can implement into your […]

Office meeting room with many lighting options

Choose the Correct Office Lighting

Posted by ServiceMaster | July 30th, 2019 | No responses

Lighting is an important factor in any office. Good lighting can encourage productivity while poor lighting can cause eyestrain and drowsiness. Investing in good lighting can not only increase productivity but save on your energy bill. The right type of light bulb is efficient and creates a positive work environment. […]

Summer Colds

Posted by ServiceMaster | June 27th, 2019 | No responses

I’m sure you’re familiar with flu season and winter colds, but do you know about summer colds? Summer colds come from a different strand than winter colds. This type of cold can go on longer than a winter cold. Summer has finally arrived. It’s time to soak up the sun […]

How to Deal with Your Spring Allergies at Work

How to Deal with Your Spring Allergies at Work

Posted by ServiceMaster | April 16th, 2019 | No responses

Allergies affect more than 50 million Americans each year and are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the US, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI). Spring here in Little Rock, Arkansas is a beautiful time of year with all of the blooming flowers […]

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