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Cleaning Tips

Facility Maintenance and Cleaning Checklist

Posted by ServiceMaster | August 14th, 2022 | No responses

Maintaining your building according to a facility inspection checklist is the best way to make sure everything stays up to code. You have a difficult job managing upkeep and quality of a building, but if you do it correctly, you’ll avoid damage to the building. Over time things in a […]

Back-To-Office Cleaning & Sanitization Tips

Posted by ServiceMaster | June 29th, 2022 | No responses

Going back to the office? Well, that’s good news. Do you think you’re ready to keep up with the high standards of cleaning and sanitizing of your building? The last few years have helped us understand the importance of commercial cleaning and disinfection. As you reopen operations, it’s important to […]

Commercial Floor Cleaning FAQ

Posted by ServiceMaster | April 19th, 2022 | No responses

Looking to learn more about the process of commercial floor cleaning? The ServiceMaster Twin Cities team answered some of the most common commercial floor cleaning questions to help you ensure the health and cleanliness of your facility’s flooring. Let’s dig in. Can I Use Urethane Finish to Strip Floors? If […]

Office Cleaning Tips for Better Building Maintenance

Posted by ServiceMaster | March 24th, 2022 | No responses

Office and facility managers have many more responsibilities to worry about than just cleaning. Despite that, it’s critical that you maintain a safe, clean, and clutter-free office. You can trust the commercial janitorial experts at ServiceMaster Twin Cities to properly clean your business, leaving you time to work on the […]

4 Commercial Warehouse Cleaning Tips

Posted by ServiceMaster | February 12th, 2022 | No responses

Companies typically create a warehouse in a way that it can store all their products in small, but organized space. Facility managers will strategically design each space in the warehouse so it can accommodate the highest capacity, increasing productivity. Although this offers great benefits to your business, it can make […]

Get Ready for National Cleaning Week

Posted by ServiceMaster | January 24th, 2022 | No responses

It’s important to keep your commercial office clean to prevent spreading illnesses to your employees. Many facility managers are not even aware of the importance of cleaning, and others just don’t want to spend time cleaning. National Cleaning Week is the best time to increase awareness around your office and […]

Winter Safety Tips for Commercial Businesses

Posted by ServiceMaster | December 14th, 2021 | No responses

The winter season brings challenges for business owners because the weather poses difficulties to operations. Harsh weather can quickly lead to workforce injuries, illness, and a variety of other problems. It’s better to get ready early to ensure the safety of yourself and your employees. Practices like commercial cleaning and […]

Commercial Facility Cleaning Tips

Posted by ServiceMaster | July 9th, 2021 | No responses

Industrial facility cleaning requires specialized safety knowledge and guidelines that most cleaning companies don’t have the capabilities to handle. Luckily, our crew at ServiceMaster Twin Cities has the expertise to adequately clean and sanitize your facility in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. If you’re planning on taking on the job […]

How to Make Your Facility Safe for Everyone

Posted by ServiceMaster | April 15th, 2021 | No responses

ServiceMaster Twin Cities offers professional janitorial services for all commercial businesses. Employees and customers are well aware of how important a clean and safe facility matters due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and maintenance in general. If your business is choosing to perform janitorial services in-house, the following article is […]

Spring Preparation Tips for Facility Managers

Posted by ServiceMaster | March 30th, 2021 | No responses

For facility managers, spring represents a time of addressing any winter damage and preparing for a wet spring season ahead. Warmer weather means there is no better time for facility managers to spruce up their buildings with improvements to the property and building after harsh winter months. With so many […]

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