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Why Bother Cleaning Your Commercial Floors?

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Posted by ServiceMaster | April 4th, 2018 | Categories : Floor Cleaning

What’s the big deal about cleaning your commercial business floors? It’s easy to neglect the floors and carpets of your business and forget that they need maintenance. Or, maybe you think that simply sweeping or vacuuming every once in a while gets the job done fine. This is not so! Professional hard surface floor care protects the investment you made when you originally laid the flooring – whether that be hardwood floors, tile and grout, vinyl flooring, linoleum, ceramic or porcelain tiles. Each of these flooring types will require a different special cleaning treatment based on the composition of the materials.

The same goes for your carpeting. Based on the manufacturer’s cleaning standards, it’s possible you can do more harm than good when attempting to clean the carpet fibers yourself. This goes for using at-home rental equipment! Rental equipment does not have the industrial suction or steaming power necessary to thoroughly clean and remove all the soil from your carpets. In addition, those rental units often leave a soapy residue and excess moisture that can create an ideal environment for mold to grow.

ServiceMaster Twin Cities is here to help! Check out our three biggest reasons why hiring a professional floor cleaning company is better than a DIY approach:


1. Make the Best Impression

A clean, shiny, spotless floor exudes an inviting, friendly, and professional atmosphere. It can even make a room appear bigger and brighter. Your clients and customers will remember how they felt when they first walked into your building and whether they want to do business there again. An improperly maintained or cleaned floor gives the opposite impression. The dust and debris that has collected on the floors over time will make it appear dingy, dirty, and even unsanitary. If you want to create great first impressions for the people that visit your building on a regular basis – whether that’s your employees or your clients – commercial floor care can make the difference.


2. Safety First

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common injuries at work. Dirty floors can become a huge insurance liability if something spilled on the ground doesn’t get cleaned properly or a sticky spot causes someone to trip. Commercial floor care can prevent these accidents. Dust and soil buildup on floors reduces friction when people walk on it. A professional commercial floor care team doesn’t just remove debris and keep them clean, shiny and dust free. They also strip and wax the floors, providing them with a slip-resistant seal to increase friction and reduce the risk of accidents.


Commercial floor cleaning services in Little Rock, AR

3. Eliminate the Hassle

Don’t expect your regular employees to care for your floors like a professional team would. We can take the trouble off your mind! Don’t sit around worrying about safety issues, insurance liabilities, and the possible allergens lurking in your carpets. Let ServiceMaster Twin Cities provide you with an expert floor cleaning program. Whether you only need services semiannually or you’d like to invest a little more with a regular janitorial schedule, we can help. Our trained cleaning technicians can clean any type of hard surface floor or carpeting you have and ensure they’re thoroughly cleaned, safe and hazard or allergen free. Call today at (501) 712 – 2249 or contact us online!

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