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Sick employee lying on the sofa at home

Prepare Your Office for Flu Season

Posted by ServiceMaster | November 25th, 2019 | No responses

The flu season ebbs and flows throughout the year. However, the height of the season is December through February. As Fall comes to an end, […]

A Mac book sitting on a desk covered in germs

5 Scary Things in Your Office Dirtier than the Toilet

Posted by ServiceMaster | October 31st, 2019 | No responses

It’s officially the end of the spooky season, so the janitorial experts here at ServiceMaster Twin Cities gathered the top scary things around the office […]

Businessmen work at the desk using a PC while the cute beagle dog sleeps on the floor.

6 Tips for Cleaning a Pet Friendly Office

Posted by ServiceMaster | October 9th, 2019 | No responses

Pet-friendly workplaces are becoming increasingly common in the United States. According to the SHRM 2018 Employee Benefits, 9% of US employers allow pets in the […]

School classroom with desks, chairs and a chalkboard

Back to School Cleaning Routine

Posted by ServiceMaster | September 30th, 2019 | No responses

Fall has officially started. For most educational facilities that means a long school year lies ahead. Students have the potential to spread sickness throughout your […]

Office conference room with a table, chairs and a tv screen on a blue wall

5 Ways to Prevent Sun Damage on Your Office Floors

Posted by ServiceMaster | September 5th, 2019 | No responses

Office floors are big investments, which can be quickly ruined by sun damage. Business owners can save thousands of dollars on pricey floor replacement with […]

Janitorial cart with cleaning supplies in an office

Outsourcing vs Insourcing

Posted by ServiceMaster | August 29th, 2019 | No responses

As a business owner, you know that a clean office promotes a healthy and productive environment. However, you probably have more than enough on your […]

Office meeting room with many lighting options

Choose the Correct Office Lighting

Posted by ServiceMaster | July 30th, 2019 | No responses

Lighting is an important factor in any office. Good lighting can encourage productivity while poor lighting can cause eyestrain and drowsiness. Investing in good lighting […]

An office conference room with large windows and a table with chairs

Why You Should be Keeping Your Business’s Windows Clean

Posted by ServiceMaster | July 19th, 2019 | No responses

Most business owners understand the importance of a clean office inside, but many overlook cleaning the exterior of their business. It is important to regularly […]

Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure water jet

4 Reasons to Enhance Your Business with Pressure Washing

Posted by ServiceMaster | June 28th, 2019 | No responses

Maintaining and cleaning a commercial property can feel like a never-ending to-do list. Many business owners neglect the exterior of the business and focus first […]

Summer Colds

Posted by ServiceMaster | June 27th, 2019 | No responses

I’m sure you’re familiar with flu season and winter colds, but do you know about summer colds? Summer colds come from a different strand than […]

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