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Back to School Cleaning Routine

School classroom with desks, chairs and a chalkboard

Posted by ServiceMaster | September 30th, 2019 | Categories : School Cleaning

Fall has officially started. For most educational facilities that means a long school year lies ahead. Students have the potential to spread sickness throughout your entire school if you don’t keep germs at bay. One of your best options is to schedule regular janitorial services from a professional team. ServiceMaster Twin Cities has decades of experience providing janitorial services for educational facilities. Our team receives industry-specific training to ensure your facility provides a clean environment your students deserve. In addition to relying on a professional team, follow our recommendations to help your facility shine all school year.


  • Keep air circulating all day. You can do this by using your HVAC system either to cool or heat classrooms. This time of year, you’ll probably use the heat more often. If the temperature is comfortable without it, keep a window cracked or fan on. These small habits can help improve air quality.
  • High traffic surfaces like desks, doorknobs and supplies should be disinfected after every use. Tiny hands often carry a lot of germs.
  • Teach your students how to wash their hands the correct way.
  • Disinfecting is necessary for every educational facility. However, sprays and wipes contain harsh chemicals that need to be handled properly. Always use disinfecting products as directed and keep away from children.
  • Dispose of trash in the dumpster on a regular basis. Food waste can attract unwanted pests and used tissues can spread germs fast.


  • Wipe up moisture as soon as possible. During the rainy months, students will probably track in rainwater from jackets and boots. Puddles are not only a falling hazard, but they can also cause mold to form. Many types of mold are harmful to your health. If you see or smell mold, always call a professional right away.
  • Don’t forget to disinfect the floors. This is especially important in gyms or rec rooms where students often come into contact with the floor.

As needed

  • Other high touch items that attract germs are electronics. Keyboards, phones and mice are often overlooked. Disinfect these items after every use.
  • Follow your educational facility’s procedures for handling chemicals like cleaning, art and science supplies. Usually, they need to be indexed and locked away so that unsupervised children can’t access them.
  • Always allow sick students to stay home. If your students come to school sick, it’s best to send them to the nurse’s office until they can go home and rest.
  • Close doors and windows when not in use to avoid attracting unwanted pests.

ServiceMaster Twin Cities in Little Rock, Arkansas has provided janitorial services to local businesses for almost 30 years. Our expert team can make your educational facility shine with our high-quality, reliable cleaning services. Contact us to schedule regular janitorial services. Our team takes the time to learn about your business. We have the experience to provide the high-quality, reliable service you need. You can count on our detailed processes to disinfect, sanitize and thoroughly clean your educational facility this school year.



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