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10 Classroom Healthy Habits

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Posted by ServiceMaster | December 26th, 2018 | Categories : School Cleaning

We all want kids to be protected from harmful germs and pollutants at school. At ServiceMaster Twin Cities, we are dedicated to providing service that goes above and beyond. That means our expert technicians are trained to follow green cleaning practices at every educational facility we service in the Little Rock area. Maintaining a clean and healthy school environment is no easy task. According to the EPA, the 5 key components of a school environmental health program are cleaning & maintenance, mold & moisture, chemical & environmental hazards, good ventilation and pests & pesticides. The following tips, based on the EPA’s 5 components, will help you maintain a clean and safe school environment.

  1. Wipe down high traffic areas on a daily basis. Desks, supplies and doorknobs are touched by many hands throughout the day. Make sure these areas are kept clean between professional janitorial services.
  2. Use disinfecting cleaning products correctly. Disinfection is an important step in maintaining a clean school environment. However, these products contain chemicals that should be used with care and kept away from students.
  3. Inspect classrooms for moisture. Especially during the rainy season, tracked in moisture can cause mold within hours. Wipe up moisture and ensure proper airflow to dry out fabric.
  4. Don’t forget about electronics. Disinfect computers, phones and keyboards to prevent the spread of germs between use.
  5. Keep an up to date inventory of chemicals and make sure they are handled properly. Art supplies, chemicals used in science experiments and cleaning supplies should be managed by a safety plan.
  6. Turn on your HVAC system in the morning and keep it on all day. Air circulation improves air quality and can dry excess moisture.
  7. Close doors and windows when not in use. Once pests find their way inside, they can cause a lot of damage and an unsanitary environment.
  8. Encourage students to stay home when they’re sick. If they’re feeling unwell at school send them to the nurse to reduce contact with other students.
  9. Throw away garbage as soon as possible. Used tissues spread germs and food waste attracts pests.
  10. Ensure floors are being cleaned and disinfected. This step is especially necessary in gymnasiums or anywhere that students come into direct contact with the floor.

Following the EPA’s health program is a large undertaking. At ServiceMaster Twin Cities, we understand that. Outsource your janitorial work by scheduling educational facility cleanings. We can work around your school’s schedule to effectively trap dust and dirt. Our proprietary Capture and Removal Cleaning® system also decreases airborne particles and bacteria. Our expert technicians use green cleaning practices to improve air quality and reduce student and staff exposure to harsh chemicals. Contact us for a free quote or to learn more about our services.

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