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Top 5 Maintenance Tips to Improve Your Health Facility’s HCAHPS Scores

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You can actively boost your health facility’s HCAHPS scores by creating a beneficial building maintenance plan. While learning how to develop a facility maintenance plan, take the five following areas into consideration.

Cleaning for Infection Control: A Glossary of Terms

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Use these terms to gain knowledge on healthcare facility cleaning procedures, and to maintain proper standards.  A glossary of terms will help you set up a terminal cleaning plan that prevents the spread of infection through your healthcare facility. Review the terms to prepare and ramp up your terminal cleaning […]

4 Types of Businesses We Specialize in Cleaning

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To keep your workspace in perfect condition, select a commercial cleaning company experienced in maintaining your type of building. From educational institutions to healthcare facilities, each type of workspace has specific cleaning and upkeep demands to follow to keep the work environment functional and comfortable for all. Without knowing exactly […]